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Summer 2009 Newsletter
Issue 11

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Problem Pest: Paper Wasps

Paper Wasp

ScientificName: Order Hymenoptera, family Vespidae, many species
Description: 1-inch, yellow bodies with black markings, clear-brown wings and thick, brownish antennas.
Habitat/Food: Paper Wasps build paper nest in sheltered spots. They feed on other garden insects. If their nest is disturbed, they will aggressively defend it by stinging the intruder. 

Life Cycle: They build their nest to house their larvae, which they feed chewed insects until they can contribute to the colony on their own. These wasps are generally not a nuisance to humans unless agitated. 
Organic Control: Plant oil based products can be used as effective control. There are also some organic aerosol sprays available.
Interesting Fact: Only the fertilized female survives winter and starts a new colony in the spring.

Check out our informational site that we created all about fleas and hints on how to stop them.

 Start the "Fight Against Fleas"

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